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Created on 2010-03-08 18:33:53 (#484715), never updated

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Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:columbus, Ohio, United States of America

Interests (145):

"google it", 2pac, 80's music, 90's pop, adventures, angels, astrology, autumn, being understood, ben folds, bic lighters, blink 182, board games, bones, butterflies, caffeine, canada, candles, card games, chinese food, chocolate, coffee, comedy, creative writing, creativity, criminal minds, day dreaming, dazed and confused, design, desperate housewives, dirty jokes, downloading mp3s, drag queens, drake, drama, dreams, drinking cheep wine in the bath, drinking coffee, driving fast, dude wheres my car, empathy, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, evanescence, expensive purses, faeries, fairy tales, family guy, fashion, fiona apple, foo fighters, fossil watches, fresh air breaks, full moons, grandmas boy, grays anatomy, half baked, halloween, hinder, hip hop, honesty, house, how i met your mother, hugs, ice cream, icons, insomnia, intelligence, italian charms, italian food, johny depp, law n order svu, life time movies, lil wayne, lime green tea, long socks, magic, make up, makeovers, manicures, mary jane, medium, mountain dew, musicals, myspace apps, new port 100's, nickleback, nintendo, northern california, old pictures, ozzy, pampering myself, pancakes, peace, pedicures, people watching, personal organizers, pink, poe, pretty woman, project runway, pulp fiction, purses, rain storms, random acts of kindness, rap, real world, reusable grocery bags, road trips, rock, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, scrap-booking, screwed up relationships, seattle, secrets, sex in the city, shiny things, shopping, short stories, sleeping, sleeping pills, smile empty soul, smoking mary jane, spirituality, spring, starbucks, stars, sunsets, sushi, taking 2 many pictures, taking hot showers, taking the bus, tampax, the beatles, the big bang theory, the professional, the simpsons, the zoo, tim burton, tori amos, travels, ugly betty, vampires, waterfalls, writing random thoughts
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